Welcome friends! Benvenuti!

Welcome friends! Benvenuti!

Though please don’t let the name fool you – we’re not only about mums, everyone is welcome! Stick around for food techniques, family cooking, easy cooking for first time parents (or second, third, fourth… you get the gist), and easy ready-in-a-flash food. We are great believers in all in one methods, or as we like to call them “whack it all in a bowl”. The less fuss, the better really!


Why are we writing this Blog?

The joys of hindsight! There are many things that we both wish that we had done differently – in terms of cooking, well-being, plus a multitude of other things that are too numerous to list here! If we could go back, what would we tell ourselves?

We are Elisa and Maria. To find out more about us see Our Story.

Sometimes, of all the choices that parents have to make, mealtimes can often be the most traumatic; from learning to adapt your cooking style to suit this new small member of your family, to dealing with a miniature prince or princess who “does not do broccoli”. There are various tips and tricks that we have picked up along the way that we wish we had known from day one, so Elisa devised the idea of this blog to share recipes and hopefully help other mums/dads to find ways to enjoy cooking and spending time with your baby.

Maria was only too happy to come on board and share her thoughts too, and so Cooking Mummies was born. We thought that offering cooking tips and recipes from two different, yet equally challenging perspectives (Elisa as a working mum and Maria as a stay at home mum) would appeal to a wider audience, and hopefully show that there is no ‘right’ way or ‘wrong’ way to do things – the trick is to work out the best way for YOU to feed your family.

Our cooking styles – depending of course on what mood we’re in – can generally be categorised as low-maintenance (i.e. lazy). The recipes are also based on the idea of bunging everything in a bowl or the oven, without using too many processes and effort. Most of our cooking in the early days took place when our babies were either on us in the sling, napping, or once they had gone to bed. We were also both very lucky to have very supportive husbands, who took over baby duty while we had a cuppa and spent some time in the kitchen coming up with new ideas for fun and interesting meals.

But now that our older children are on the move, and we have a baby each to deal with, we have to think creatively – how do we feed the family with such little time available?

Mostly all the recipes on here can be made for the whole family, and should be worked around you and your baby’s and/or child’s routine; so if baby decides he doesn’t like the feast you have put on the table, and decides to spit it out or throw it on the floor (yes – all of those things have happened to us) then at least you and your partner can still enjoy it! We will include cooking times and temperatures, but everything here is adaptable; you prefer your meat slightly rare, or your cobbler slightly less cobbly? Shave a few minutes off the stated time and save yourself some valuable minutes! We advise to follow the recipe the first time round, then tweak it to adapt to your family the next time round. Or not, whichever you prefer. Remember, practice makes perfect!

We are not experts by any means, however we do know how stressful mealtimes with little people can be. If nothing else, we hope to show you that it is absolutely possible for you and your family to eat well without the headache!


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